Online conference with Jitsi

Hey there :wave:t3:,

I’m looking into Jitsi as a solution for an online conference.

The plan for the conference is to have:

  • A single stream that is open to the public. Most likely with Youtube live
  • Have a single live stream of the talks. Since it’s single track, only one speaker will be talking at any given time
  • Provide a mechanism to allow interaction between speaker and attendees. (Using Youtube comments or Slack messages as the attendees input)

I read Webinar solution for Jitsi and [jitsi-users] jitsi for an online event? and had a couple of questions:

The idea was to use Jitsi as the main streaming platform for speakers. There’s also going to be a studio setup from which many of the speakers will speak and the stream will broadcast.

Are these achievable with Jitsi?
Is there a good way to do overlays and stream management (so it’s not just video or screen sharing)?

Hi and welcome.

What makes your case different than just directly using Youtube streaming?
Otherwise you will have one participant in a meeting which is again streamed to Youtube and it make no sense to add further complexity (even deploying and supporting infrastructure which will not be used) and adding hops to your stream.