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is there a way to call the function onLaunchWeb without clicking the button “Launch in Web”, i have noticied that when this function is call from that button, there is a prompt to allow microphone and camera and after this the camera is turn on in the iPhone/Safari without an issue, which means that this can be a solution for this issue of the camera on the iPhones Device. when the disableDeepLinking is set to true i see more than one prompt to allow first the microphone and the the camera, but at the end i got the issue of the camera. Or maybe theres is a way to go to the same flow to get only one prompt. I am using Nightly Jitsi version in ubuntu 18.04

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If you are self hosting, see this post: How to bypass the initial mobile screen?

Regarding the permission prompts: You may want to consider starting meetings with audio and video muted so the user can unmute themselves and get the appropriate prompt for access in the right context (if it’s their first time).

You can test this by adding the mute parameters in your meeting URL. For example:

i tried already to let the user to get the appropiate prompt for access in the right context, but for iPhones devices this does not work the user needs to click the Camera’s icon twice and the user get confused about it. This is why if there ismobile i want to get the context always that prompts for the microphone and camera access one time in one prompt

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