Ongoing developer work to help customize existing Jitsi deployment

I am a developer who needs help with a project. I have a React web app that creates a Jitsi iframe using the external_api.js
I also host my own server.


  1. I want to change the background color and button positions in video conference iframe.
    Please provide the high level steps do do this.
  2. I want to access the number of participants in a meeting and update this value in React outside of the iframe.
  3. How do I disable microphone and camera for one participant so the meeting is view only?

There are many more ongoing jobs like this but these are the highest priority.



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Hi Roland,
I should be able to help you out on all 3 points, as they are all well within my skill set.
Feel free to reach out to me
Cheers and Have a great day ahead,

Hi @roland1

#1 and #3 requirements are already implemented, it’s just a tiny modification.

If you have only 1 meeting at a time, #2 is also already supported and easy to get, not so easy if there’s several meetings at the same time, then some development will be required.

Feel free to contact me at or +34-666236433 (GMT+1)

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Hi @roland1

I can help you to implement all these 3 point’s.