Ongoing conf - stop, restart or continue

How can a conference be stop, restart or continue?
Here is the issue, the moderator had a internet connection problem, he got kick-out, but when try to join the conf he can’t (because the lobby room was enable), all the other participants are still in…
How can he regain the moderator right?

ps: Jitsi self install/3 server cluster.


Well, the only way to safe-proof this right now is for the moderator to set a password as well when the lobby is enabled so if he gets disconnected, he can re-enter with the password. Otherwise, unless there’s another person with moderator rights in the room, no one can let him/her in, as you’ve experienced.

A last option (dirty hack): if the moderator has server access, he can also restart services to ‘refresh’ the meeting (this of course disconnects everyone for a few seconds) but they automatically rejoin.

Hi Freddie.
Thank You!!

Why can the app allow you to authenticate as a moderator again? Since the meeting lost the moderator:)