One to one video chat using PHP application

I need to integrate video chat to my php (laravel) application. As per the requirement, it should be

  1. One to one Video call
  2. Like skype, User can call another user without sharing the link. So other user will get a notification there user can accept or reject the call. (Based on that we need to build payment related functionlities)
  3. We should have control on duration of the call. After a particular time (say 15 min) the call must end.

Can any one tell me whether I can develop all the above requirements using Jitsi. (Or any other plugin names please suggest)

Thank you,

Yes you can do it. There is an option for reservation system that can be enabled in jicofo (the conference focus component) which will query a service you need to develop for those meeting duration restrictions.

Mind that this is a video conferencing solution and using it just for p2p calls make some part of the system not used at all, like the videobridge. Anyway to be able to support calls through restrictive firewalls you will need to deploy a turn server for good support of TCP connections and basically you will not use the videobridge as it will be used for connections of 3 and more participants. But you can make use of configuring jwt tokens, limiting access to your servers by passing identity information.