One to one: how to keep small thumbnails?

Since about last November I’ve notice that when there are only 2 participants (one to one meeting) window is split in two with HUGE thumbnails for each participant taking half of the screen space.

It goes in smaller thumbnails when a third participant join the meeting

Is there a way to show small thumbnails in one to one meetings?
(like it used to be or like when there are more than 2 participants)

Sorry, I’ve tried to upload screenshots, but it gives me “error uploading that file. Please try again.”…


Add the following line to your config.js:

disableTileEnlargement: true,

Thanks Freddie! It was very helpful!

Now, since about March 18th, disableTileEnlargement: true causes thumbnails not resize and they go off the iFrame…
I also tried to use with disableResponsiveTiles: true, but no luck : (

Is it a bug or I’m missing something?

Thanks for your help!!

this is probably a browser issue.