One to many broadcasting

I am using jitsi since a year.

This time I want to do something different.

I want to use jitsi as a broadcasting solution.

So, I will have one Teacher with audio and video on, and rest of the participants will be able to view only.

To do that I am going to use lib-jitsi-meet and my plan is

  1. For teacher get video stream and publish it.
  2. For students, join conference but don’t publish the track.

In this way there is only 1 track on the server. Or three if simulcast is enabled.

I just want to know if my plan is good and how many users we can hold theoretically as only teacher’s camera is active.

Also please let me know in case of single track on Video bridge, and 100 participants, what will be the behaviour of JVB, will it still do bandwidth estimation? As it’s only a single track, I am assuming that there will be practically no thread calculation hence no load?

I have created a poc and achieved this one to many broadcasting functionality using lib-jitsi-meet.

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There is no way to give you an accurate number because it depends on many things like your server hardware.

Given your use case I’d suggest you spin some VMs on Amazon, Digital Ocean or wherever to find your installation’s limits. The software has no imposed limita.

We have done significant improvements to use cases like this in the recent past (not publishing muted tracks for example) so make sure you test with our latest code.

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Thanks, I know this is very hard to give the benchmark results without even testing it.

I am only worried if my plan is good or not. Have been using jitsi since a year and performance had increased exponentially.

This one to many use case where I am not publishing tracks is very new for me.

My question is, will there be any calculation on jitsi video bridge when there is only 1 video track.

Few days ago I have seen an online teaching platform used agora internally for online streaming of their class.

There were 4 presenters and 1000 listeners and the call was smooth. Seeing this, I am feeling that jitsi will scale better as I have only 1 presenter.

As vp9 is almost ready jitsi will win the race.

Fingers crossed for using one to many using jitsi

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