One room Name, two rooms?

Hi @all,
We had a problem yesterday: I have sent a room-link by e-mail to my recipents and they logged-in by tapping the link. Than we recognized that there was a second session with the same room name. We tried to enter a new room with another (simple) name. Again the same people were in two different rooms. Isn‘t this strange? How to solve this?

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There seems to be some issue that the devs are working on at the moment. Did you have “room” as part of the room name? If so, that’s where the issue is. For now, avoid using room names with the word “room” in them.

Thank you!
No wie didn´t use the word “room”. We tried 2 times with other roomnames.
We were 6 people, two in the first room, four in the second.
By trying again with another room name, the same 2 people were again in a “parallel” room.

Perhaps we should delete all cookies from our browser? One PC is used in a conference room at office by several people and we all organize jitsimeetings on our server. I´m not sure what happens, if several people log in automatically as moderator.


We solved the Problem! The misstake was:

2 Users logged in via JitsiMeet-App. They did NOT use the link in the invitation, they typed the room-name manually into the app. The preset server-adress in the preferences was
As the result we had two rooms on two different servers.

What a simple explanation!

Thanks for your support!