One party creates two video streams, how can the other party subscribe?

hi, blogger, I’m new to jisti, and I’m currently using it.

Integrated into my own project, but at present my demand is video conversation between two people, but one party needs to create two video streams. How can the other party subscribe correctly? onRemoteTrack () will be called twice, audio and video, respectively. How can it be called four times?
thank you

Have you worked it out?

No, in rare cases, two video streams will be subscribed successfully. Besides _ added, is there any other method or event to get the video and audio streams created by all users who join the room?

I have added two video streams to the react global state and tried to send it through jvb but it seems like it got stuck somewhere. When I tried to send two video streams and one audio stream simultaneously, the bandwidth got blocked. Though, this problem does not occur when I send one video stream only.