One participant unable to hear in conference

Dear team, i am facing a strange issue. there are 5 participant in a conference. one of them can hear only two participants and unable to hear one. but all other 4 participants can hear each other. can you tell me where i am doing wrong. and what is the solution for this

Can you send us the link to the meeting so we can take a look?

(Attachment jicofo.log.1 is missing)

you can use short keys enable or disable video and audio

I though that you experienced it on

i have not checked it on but facing it on

I see. Thanks for the report, but there is nothing we can investigate there as we do not know how it is configured/deployed and there are no stats and logs for it we can check.
Report with URL if you reproduce on and also make sure your deployment is up to date with the latest stable release.

what kind of stats and logs you need for investigating the issue. i ll provide you. and also try to check it on too

How it is configured, is it using octo, which versions of components are running, how many bridges? Jicofo logs and we look at callstats for such kind of issues, but I’m not aware of a way share callstats stats for a call.

i can offer you the system credential if you agree to see. i follow
with one
bridges .