One page creating

with many people’s help, I installed jitsi perfectly.
though I got many errors, by community.jitsi’s help, those was solved perfectly.
thanks again.
I am not expert in web field.
currently, I want to add some function(category option)to current landing page.
when we enter to main URL, it shows to enter room name.
we give room name and press go.
so, I enter to room.
before, I press go button, I want to choose some category.
for example, there are friend room and workshop room, cafe room.
so, I choose friend room and press go button.
or I choose workshop room and press go button.
I want to add such function.
and hopely, by category, room model must be difference a little.
in cafe room, in background, youtube stream must be played.
if someone can help this, I am very happy.
I want really help.