One link for every meeting - disable me at view toggle - recording only myself despite i see all participants in screen

  1. Please i want to know if it is posible to create a unique link and mantaing this for every meetings with my pupils?? (im teacher)

  2. when i disable my view in the togle view i cant see me, only the rest of participants. But how i able it again in the same meeting?? (because i cant!! do it??

  3. is possible to record only my self during the class. I need to see all participants in screen but i want to record only me. (to send it to participants that cant see the meeting in real time) How can i do it

Yes, just make sure it is unique enough, so nobody can guess it.
You can read more on the subject: Jitsi Meet Security & Privacy | Jitsi

You can enable it back from Settings → More.

If you are using local recording its kind of hard, cause it records whatever you see. You maybe able to do it with an extra computer/participant that you can just enter the meeting to record it.

If you are using a deployment with server-side recording (jibri). Enable from settings follow me after you start recording, select yourself. Then turn off follow-me and you can be clicking around without changing anything on the recording side.

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Perhaps try this option? I believe that would record just your webcam and audio, and not the whole meeting.


Some caveats that you need to be aware of:

  • That only captures your video stream, and since screenshares are now a separate screen, the “record only me” feature will not include your screenshare.
  • You have to remember to stop the recording before you leave the meeting or close the tab, otherwise there is no way to recover the recording.
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Thank you!!

I try and it works!!! it only record my video but it has no sounds. Dont record my voice

And now my audio doesnt work in computer at all!!
I restart the computer and now sound works.