One jvb for different jms with different subdomains


it is possible to use one jvb for x jms with different subdomains?

for example:

JMS 1: friends.servername
JMS 2: family.servername

JVB: jvb1.servername

Both JMS machines should use the JVB

IIRC it’s possible to use one JMS for different domains/subdomains. There are some old topics in the forum.

ok excuse me, I guess I didn’t express myself in enough detail.

I have a JMS running on machine 1 with domain friends. and on machine 2 with domain family.

My question is whether I can configure machine 3-x for JVB so that these machines can be used as load balancers for JMS 1 and JMS 2

AFAIK it’s not possible to share a JVB for two JMSs, therefore I suggested you an alternative way