One jitsi meet for multple domains/subdomains


We want to know if it’s possible to configurate the jitsi meet to offer service in multiple domains/sudomains

Example of usage:

1 jitsi meet server (with customized interface) (with customized interface) (with customized interface)

So, when people visit they see the look and feel of, and when people visit they see the look and feel of; but all of them working under one jitsi meet server

Of course, we want to know how easy is to add more and more domains, and how much power the server would need (ram, process, disk)

Thank you for your help

All you need is to change the nginx to handle those domains and make sure you pass the old one as Host param here:

and here:

Resources depends on over all usage, nothing to do with different domains.

Thank you, we will try that

By the way, how to set different interfaces for each subdomain? This is to make nginx handle different subdomains; but the look and feel of each domain, where and how should be done?


You have a root folder setting in the nginx file, you can serve your different sources with your modifications from different folders.

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I am new here and have a question for multi-domain installation

I have a jitsi install with apache and one letsencrypt Certificate for and for *

How should I setup the apache and jitsi config files to get the jitsi server working on all subdomains.
With standard installation, only is working.

How can I set up SSI in apache config for html files in /usr/share/jitsi-meet and below ,the domain-config.js and interface.js?

Thank you very much!