One Jitsi Docker Container behind multiple Nginx Proxies

I assume the answer is “No” but a confirmation would be nice

Can I put one Jitsi Container behind different Nginx Proxy with different FQDNs and certificates? I would say it is possible for the Web part (Port 443/tcp) but the Video part (Port 10000/udp) makes is impossible.

Correct? Or is there a way that I did not find?



You don’t need to put the video part behind proxy. Clients directly connect to the jvbs public addresses.

So this question may be totally stupid.
The video part does not use the fqdn and certificates?

It does not use in case of jvb. Jvb is advertising its ip address and port and there are no certificates used there.
Turnserver is another case, but even there, the ssl needs to be terminated there and certificates needs to be on the turn server. In other words proxy in front of it will also not work. So no proxing infront of media paths.

so my initial assumption is wrong?

You can run one jitsi server behind different nginx servers with differen fqdn / certs ?

I’m not sure I understand the question correctly. If you are using the Docker setup provided by us you can front it with as meny fqdns as you wish.

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