Onboarding improvement: Merge 8x8 and Jitsi

Its not just a webpage. You need to control user access and generate jwt tokens passing them to the iframeAPI. And for mobile there is a mobile SDK where you can embed the mobile experience in your APP.

I see. I hope that there’s a way to pay to get premium features without breaking compatibility with the existing app that many users already have. This would bring the experience closer to Zoom and the like.

It seems Matrix is fast approaching the public launch of Element Call integration, so that might beat Jitsi to the punch.

You can always use meet.jit.si and the apps for it it is free for end users.
The JaaS is targeted at those that want to enable video in their apps web or mobile.

You don’t include the paid features in the free app, hence the issue. We need to be able to record meetings, live stream, moderate rooms, allow people to phone in, and have very large meetings.

It’s a significant hurdle to ask everyone to download a separate app just for us, when every other solution allows organizations to use the standard one, Zoom, Teams, Slack, Element (Matrix), etc.

The only thing missing is server-side recordings, but you can do local recordings on the computer. There is live-stream and moderated rooms on meet.jit.si, same and for dial-in and large meetings.

You just need a browser to be able to use meet.jit.si, nothing to download.

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Sadly, a lot of us have under-powered computers and can’t do local recording. And isn’t the participant limit much lower for the free app? I also forgot to mention the custom branding.

Nope, the limit everywhere is 500.
The branding is available for those that want to embed video in their apps. It is a feature for the paid service, which doesn’t make sense for anonymous environment like meet.jit.si where there are no accounts or authentication.

I do agree that the two separate platforms are confusing, especially since they appear to have different server settings.

That makes the same config overwrite not giving the same output on both: [IMPORTANT] Embedding meet.jit.si in your web app will no longer be supported. Please use JaaS - #37 by ramnes

Merging both would probably make things significantly simpler for anonymous users to become paying customers.

While a little off topic for this post, the thing I absolutely appreciate about Jitsi, is that USERS DO NOT NEED TO INSTALL ANY SPECIAL PROGRAM, all they need is a web browser.
While this approach causes some limitations, the simplicity, benefit, and security of not requiring the installation of a program is wonderful ! Thanks to 8x8 and Jitsi developers for providing us Jitsi.

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You can try to stream on YouTube and let you tube record it.