Onboarding improvement: Merge 8x8 and Jitsi

Imagine if zoom, or slack, or gmail, had a separate app for the free service and the paid service. It’s so frustrating that for those who wish to support an open source video conferencing project may spend a good amount of energy promoting Jitsi. Finally, when enough peers are on board and use it enough that they decide to invest in the paid service, it’s an entirely separate application with no cross compatibility! Back to square one for the whole community :frowning_face:

Is there a roadmap to roll these into one?

filed a github ticket

Hi @kxra thanks for raising this.

Thanks a lot not only for choosing Jitsi but for spending time advocating it to others!

I don’t think it’s hard to realize that we have been trying things out to see what makes sense. That means we sometimes make mistakes. There used to be a free 8x8 Meet plan, which was indeed confusing when compared to “vanilla” Jitsi Meet running on meet.jit.si.

That is no longer the case. Now we have a free “vanilla” Jitsi Meet installation running on meet.jit.si and 8x8 Meet which is the paid version, with some extra features, running on 8x8.vc.

Please help me better understand this. It has a different name, sure, but it’s “just” Jitsi Meet with a different coat of paint, and some extra features. What do you mean by the lack of cross compatibility? Why do you think this is a step back for the whole community? There are features Jitsi Meet has that we cannot provide in meet.jit.si for different reasons: they cost money (transcriptions, unlimited recordings), they require user accounts (private rooms), etc.

The current split allows us to serve both kinds of users, or al test that’s what we intend.

Hope that helps you see how we ended up here. Happy to continue the conversation!

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Happy to be more specific. For example, imagine you are an organization with thousands of followers and during the pandemic you’ve been holding virtual events via Jitsi. This requires you to tell users to download this app instead of the one which everyone already tends to have and use already. This takes a lot, as people hate installing new apps, hate trying new things. Everyone needs to clear space on their phones which is even more painful for those using older phones. Once people have gotten used to it, you decide to upgrade to the paid version.

Suddenly you realize that you have to do this all over again. Jitsi users cannot join your 8x8 Meet call from the Jitsi app, and you can’t join theirs from the 8x8 Meet app. Your community now has the choice between going through this process again or they might roll their eyes and give up.

I see what you mean now. There is a problem here indeed. I’ll pass your feedback along, thanks for taking the time to elaborate.

FWIW, they can. You can use the full URL as the room name and the Jitsi Meet app will happily join the meeting. I know it’s not ideal.

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Thanks, appreciate that. It’s a nice workaround for a very competent and informed user-base, but that’s not tenable for larger organizations sadly. And does it work the other direction?

Unrelatedly, after speaking with support there appears to be no way to set users names or profile pictures when using 8x8 Meet, so we’re all required to expose our email address as that’s what names are automatically set to.

wait, in this case is not joining automatic when clicking a link sent by email ?

Not for the 8x8.vc domain.

No, 8x8 Meet is limited to the 8x8.vc deployment.

Hallo everyone,

I also would think it would be good if you could join a meeting from 8x8.vc with the normal Jitsi-App. I’m a subscribed user to 8x8.vc and what I see is, that people, who already have the Jitsi-App installed don’t like to download the extra 8x8 Meet app, because they’re usualy not a subscribed user and besides joining my conference don’t have anything to do with it. So please make it possible to easier join an 8x8.vc conference with the normal Jitsi-App. It would help a lot.

Greetings, Christoph.

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But you can join an 8x8 meeting with the Jitsi Meet mobile app - you just either type in the full URL or you change the default server to be 8x8.vc in your settings and you can join just like any other jitsi meeting.

Sorry if this is away from the point of the discussion, just wanted to mention you can use jitsi to join 8x8 meetings.

Thanks for the responses. I think with the new responsive design it doesn’t really matter if you join via app or via webbrowser. The new ui, which is now also on 8x8 Meet is very comfortable for controlling a video conference even from a mobile phone.

Is there a way to join an 8x8 call from the Jitsi web app? This would at least simplify things by giving one link that everyone can use to join, rather than confusing instructions like, “from a web browser join 8x8 using the link, but on mobile use the jitsi app and use the entire URL as the meeting ID”

Just realised something very interesting: If you want to make the onboarding possible on the Jitsi-App with an 8x8 conference just do the following:

  1. Connect your Google- or Microsoft-Kalender
  2. Create an appointment, where the place, where the event takes place is the 8x8 URL
  3. Invite the ones, you want to be part of the video conference, to the appointment, you just created

If they have there calender syncronised with their phone or even open up the ics-file on their phone with the local calender app and save the appointment, it should appear in the Jitsi-App under the calendar-tab.

No, they are different web apps.

Yep, that’s also a good way to do it.

Hm, that works if you have everyone’s email.

Is there a public roadmap for jitsi or 8x8? How important does the team feel that this issue is? It could be a big boost to conversion rates if resolved

We don’t have a roadmap we can share, sorry.