On wordpress site video chat from mobile required Application download from the store

I tried buddymeet plugin on my site with this code [buddymeet room=ieltspoint-ielts password=12345678 show_watermark=no show_brand_watermark=yes] and when a user from mobile open page there will be a notification to download app from Playstore or App store.
Desktop Version is not working from mobile

How can i do it without any app, only from my wordpress site ?

If you can change the BuddyMeet to pass an extra option to the external jitsi meet api then you can make all mobile users use the webview just like on desktop.
the javascript code for adding the option looks like this:

const options = {
    configOverwrite: {
        disableDeepLinking: true,
var api = new JitsiMeetExternalAPI("meet.jit.si", options);


in wordpress i am ussing it on buddy meet and their short code is not working. please give me proper html code or word press code so i can copy and paste the code.

I have never used buddymeet, however it is the

option that you need to make mobile users use the webview

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