On the same room but we don't see anyone else


I have just installed Jitsi Meet Server, with public IP adress.
When I try to get the server from internet, it’s working, I can create a room. Same from local network.
But when I try to create a room and join it from anywhere, it just create a new room not reaching the created room. Even with 2 computers on local network it doesn’t work.
I have try to open all ports on my firewall to be sure but no chance.

Thanks for your help

Check if you have multiple instances of prosody running. This happened to me before and the reason was that.

Kill all of them if you find multiple and restart prosody. It should all be good then.

You might also check if all ports are opened as mentioned in the quick install doc.

If you are willing to reinstall, you may try with this script Jitsi Install Script For Ubuntu/Debian (also Jigasi and Jibri)

If it works, may be there were some config changes you missed the first time.

If not, it could be some other network issue.

Well, I’ve checked Prosody : Only one process, tried anyway to kill it and restart service, no chance.
Same for ports, I’ve already opened them.
On my FW : no deny alert about this server…

Ok. May be give it a try with that script.

That’s OK from internet after uninstall and Install again with your script, but still same in local network

For two participants, it is P2P. With two computers on the local network, it should work. Have you try three participants conference? Open one more Chrome tab to join the room.

Do you mind share your server DNS name for me to try?


as I said, it works fine when I try from outside (with 2 or more participants). It’s only local issue, even if 2 participants are in the meeting (from outside), when I try to add one from local network, it seems to create a new room instead of join it, and I’m disconnected/reconnected every 30s.