On Samsung S21, participant is barely audible even if all volume parameters are maxed


I don’t own a cell phone so I exclusively use the website (meet.jit.si) for videoconferencing from my desktop computer.

Today, I started a meeting and a friend joined me from her Samsung S21 phone, using the Jitsi app.

We could see each other fine. I could hear her fine too. But she could barely hear anything I was saying. My setup hasn’t changed for weeks and I have participated in many meetings during that time without a hitch.

She maxed out all volume sliders she could find. We checked that ‘Disable native call integration’ was ON. Still no change.

Is there anything else we might have missed? I’m not very tech savvy so it might be something obvious. Thanks for any hints!

She might have been using the wrong audio device. Tapping on the speaker icon at the top of the screen brings up a menu to select it. She might have been using the earpiece instead of the speaker, perhaps.

Thanks for taking the time to help me, @saghul !
Do you mean the Three Dots menu, then Select the sound device?

Yes. Using the 'Select the sound device' menu option, you can switch the audio device from 'phone' to 'speaker' and vice versa.

OK, thanks @Freddie I’ll test that and report back!

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