On premise system architecture design discuss


I’m going to create a Jitsi meet + Jibri in the on-premise environment, and expect to use two physical servers to create an HA system architecture (All components using docker image).
Due to this service is provided on the internet, I plan to create a VM as a HA proxy server in DMZ. However, I’m not pretty sure if this architecture works or not (not yet to try), Because the JVB should open UDP port, and I’m not sure if HAproxy is capable of proxy UDP packet. Nevertheless, the Jibri in two different physical servers sounds a little bit wired too. Is it possible to set up Jibri cross different servers using docker-swarm to make sure Jibri can be called cross different servers?
The current architecture is drawn below:

I used keepalived to create HA JMS (nginx + jicofo + prosody) for some installations. JVBs and Jibris connect to JMS through the cluster IP. Not docker installation…