Old version for sentry in pom.xml jigasi, jvb, jicofo

now sentry recomends to use this to capture exceptions in sentry.


in all last builds is still using


and in this configuration we don’t see any activity in sentry. after updating it works.
Could you create images for jvb, jigasi, jicofo with this lib in pom.xml?

p.s. one bug exist here. docker-jitsi-meet/logging.properties at master · jitsi/docker-jitsi-meet · GitHub
if you will set variable SENTRY_DSN with string of your dsn it fails on cast this string to bool. so here or needed another function or two variables.

same issue from the start of last year, but still open.

Sentry is no longer bundled with the JVB. Since we don’t use it ourselves, and are not interested in depending in it at this stage, we’re hoping someone would come up with a solution here.

jvb ok, but other components?

Same thing.

could you only add this dependency to pom.xml files? it will work after this.

No, sorry.