Old PC for ballet classes with max 15 participants

Just finished today to setup in a rush the PC to convert our school classes as online conference due to lockdown.

Old 2010 released HP Elite 8100 CMT with i7-860 (4c 8t), 14GB RAM, RX 550 GPU, 250GB SSD, KDE Neon (Ubuntu 20.04). Connection is a 4G+ based dedicated router connected on Ethernet with the PC. Videostream from a 1080p videocamera.

Tested on Zoom and BlueJeans with five participants and was not satisfied neither from the video quality and the visible latency.

Was wondering if will make more sense to install and setup Jitsi on such old machine, due to all participants being in a few km range.

Will this machine be a client or a server?

Server and client. But reading various articles probably the bandwidth will be the major issue.

Did you try the public Jitsi server?

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Will test it this afternoon, I didn’t understand if is suitable for prolonged usage or just for testing. Was looking also at the servers available in this list

With same doubts

Tested meet.jit.si and was working fine, but read in the Term of Service that there is no service guarantee, so I suppose is not suitable for continuous usage.
Was anyway a really positive experience against Zoom that we tested before, so will stick with Jitsi as soon will find a suitable server to use it with the right bandwidth.