Official lib-jitsi-meet npm package?


I was hoping to find an official lib-jitsi-meet npm package, as discussed on this thread:

I assume that’s still a roadmap item.

In the absence of such a package, what would be the recommended method to have a fixed version of lib-jitsi-meet as a dependency within my project?

One option would be to fork/clone the repo, then publish to a private package repository.

Does that make the most sense?


I suppose another option could be to try and install from a GitHub tag directly, as in…

npm install “git+ssh://”

I tried that, but it seems to be failing as follows:

error lib-jitsi-meet@0.0.0 postinstall: webpack -p
error spawn ENOENT
error Failed at the lib-jitsi-meet@0.0.0 postinstall script.

Seems like it may be this issue:


Check how jitsi-meet is using it for years now.


That makes sense.

I attempted that and ran into the same webpack error noted above.

I suspect that if I add various dev dependencies into my project, it might work, such as…

"webpack": "4.43.0",
"webpack-cli": "3.3.11",
"webpack-bundle-analyzer": "3.4.1",
"babel-loader": "8.0.4"

However, what I’d really like is the lib-jisti-meet JS output library, already built.

Seems like the idea of building the library myself, then publishing a private package might be the best route for now.

Either that, or just include the output JS lib in my project directly as a source file. That’s probably good enough for initial development.

Thanks again.

There already is an issue for it on GitHub and saghul already posted an update about the current situation.

In the meantime you could use my build: @lyno/lib-jitsi-meet. It’s tagged with the version.

If you don’t trust me, you can built and publish it yourself. All my changes you can find in the typescript branch of my fork.

Thanks very much!

The best approach is sourcing the library from the deployment as the library versions follow the deployment. There can be incompatibilities if you embed code from an old package and you update the server components.


I just read about that in the useful thread sapkra mentioned:

Seems like I may want to rethink my approach.

Well if you embed the lib-jitsi-meet and you control your deployment process and make sure you update the code in your app with same version as the one from the new deployment and make sure you update and mobile and let the user base update … if you can control those it should be safe to embed the code.


Definitely some trade offs either way.

Thanks again.