Odd Performance Behaviors with Mac users

Due to the Covid lockup I’ve been using Jitsi Meet in an everyday basis since April. I’m using Ubutunu and both Firefox and Chromium in their latests versions. I’ve noticed some things that happen regularily, always only with two users 150MB down/30MB up:

  • I can’t have P2P connections using Firefox (It always shows connection through Port 10000). I can when using Chromium.
  • For some reason, when meeting with a Mac user, me using Chromium, and him/her using Chrome, my quality drops to less than 100kb transfer after aproximately 1 minute. However if “I” switch to Firefox my quality stays high but the Mac user quality drops instead. It happens consistently since April.
  • I’ve also used the Electron App but dropped it as it behaved exactly like Chromium.

Any clue about the Mac users side?
Does Firefox support P2P connection or not?