Octo with SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy, probability

I am studying possibility of increasing number of participants to say 300 per conference. I understand that I must use SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy.
All users are in same region, and I will have only one shard serving only one conference at any given time. Any suggestions how to go about it?

I really don’t understand what is meaning of probability?

Isn’t this already possible with the introduction of the pagination feature? AFAIK, the default deployment now supports up to 500 participants per conference, assuming the underlying infrastructure is sufficient, of course. In which case, Octo is not necessary if it’s just for the sole purpose of hosting that number of participants on a call.

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Thanks Freddie for quick response. If you are right then I don’t need to do anything. In any case as next step, I will try test my single server with Jitsi torture with selenium grid.

Yes, you shouldn’t have to do anything extra for your intended use case. Run a torture test as planned to confirm your deployment is able to support the load. Other than that, I believe you’ll be fine.

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What you can do is have multiple bridges in the region and octo configured and use

To add new bridge in the conference if the one used is becoming overloaded.

To calculate overload with machine specs you use though you need some experiments. Need to monitor the bridge rtp delay stats and rtp packet rate and find the values for the vms you use.

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Thank you. Is there a way I can split traffic on 2 video bridges without actually checking load. I tried with both vb marked as region1 with splitBridgeSelection but all traffic is routed only to one bridge.

Thank you everyone. I have managed to use splitBridgeSelection.
Although I have only one JMS + 2 jvbs ( which i marked as region1 & region2 )
Can it be used in production? Are there any downside?
I see some users connected to region1, some region 2 and some region2 from region1. What does region2 from region1 means?
I also tested IntraRegionBridgeSelectionStrategy with stress-threshold = xx which seems to work.

SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy is mostly for testing, it tries to spreads participants across many bridges without regard to region. You use it to test Octo easily even if you only have participants in one region. It isn’t appropriate for production use.

If you want to spread participants across multiple bridges within in a single region then use IntraRegion.

If you want to spread participants across multiple bridges in multiple regions, so that each participant connects to their nearest bridge, use RegionBased. For this you need to ensure you have secure, very good quality connectivity between the regions.

If neither of those suit then you can implement your own BridgeSelectionStrategy.