Octo Videobridge Stress_level > 1 but everything is fine


I’m trying to figure out the need of more Videobridges. At the moment we have no reports about bad quality, loss of the Videostream and so on, everything ssems to be fine. But if we’ll get those tickets it will be to late to order hardware :wink:

I’m asking because if have a look on the stresslevel of out videobridges they are overstressed. If I have a look on the CPU, the IO Waits and packet loss they are not.

I’ve found the following: jicofo/reference.conf at 5dd66fea472d23ef2a663f0bacf8d27eb88b16a9 · jitsi/jicofo · GitHub

but can’t belive if I’m looking to my grafana stats:

Can anyone explain if the stresslevel can be higher than 1 ? And is there any reaction of the videobridges if it is getting higher than 1?

The videobridges are running on ubuntu 18.04 on ryzen 3950x (16x 3,5 GHz) cpu’s and govenro set to performance, swap and JVB_logging disabled, videobridge 2.1-376-g9f12bfe2-1


bye eazy