OCTO: Videobridge Configuration stress_level | Slow hardware

Hey Jitsi Forums!

Maybe someone has a wink in the right direction…

In my current setup I have a high variety of performance-levels regarding the videobridge hardware. At the moment the stress_level calculation is based on pps, if I remember correctly.

My Videobridges with the slowest hardware can only handle around 10-15k pps~, the issue is, that the stress level doesnt reach the treshold early enough (0.8) to kick octo in and loadbalance the meeting with other more powerful videobridges. For example my slowest videobridges only reaches 0.4~, then the CPU load is hitting 100%.

Has someone a recommendation what to do in this situation (besides modifying the calculation myself?).

Thanks in advance!


The load threshold (the packet rate used as the “max”) as well as the recovery threshold can be changed in the jvb config file (jvb.conf). You can override the defaults which are defined here.

Thanks for that! Awesome, thats what I was looking for. :slight_smile: