OCTO to split the work between videobridges

Hi all,

I was watching this video which explain the reason behind OCTO.

at 2:42 https://youtu.be/32CpoFGKHM8?t=162, does the load split 3:1 between the the two video bridge?
dose the OCTO connection count as one user or it will act as 3 users when it reach the AU VB?

If this is the case (where you can split the work of one conference between multiple VB) can I use that even if the VB in the same location, and using this method to split the load between multiple VB?


Any ideas @vnlze00 ? Do you know if this is possible? To enable octo with a single shard to split the work of a single conference between multiple jvb’s?

or @damencho ?

This is how we recommend using it these days. And this is how we use it on meet.jit.si and how we use it for adding big calls.

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