OCTO probability - Anyone understands how it works?

Hey all,
I’m trying to figure out the probability option on the OCTO config. On the github doc it says to set it to one and that "Values other than 1 can be used for an A/B test (e.g. use 0.5 for a 50% probability)."

So let’s say I set it to 0.5 probability - does this means Jicofo will spread the participants from the same region on all the region’s JVBs?

I tried setting up to 0.5 and found that users from other regions connected to the same region as I.

A clarification will be great.

Thank you

Using 0.5 will use octo in 50% of the time, the rest 50 is like octo disabled. So you probably want 1, to use it all the time on all conferences.

Perfect thank you for clarifying.
Do you maybe have any idea how I can split traffic between two bridges constantly?

Let’s say 2 bridges in the same region.
User A connecst to conference A on bridge A
User B connects to conference A on bridge B

Bridges connected via OCTO.

You can use SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy as the BridgeSelectionStrategy on jifoco. It will do exactly this:

Yeah but then I will lose the regional functionality.
I want to keep my regions and within each region have the SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy functionality

Then maybe you have to modify the jicofo source code to do that…

Trying to avoid that. @damencho is that what’s needed?