OCTO, participants media are separated?

Hi all,

I have been able to install a main Jitsi server and multiple JVB around the world.

I’m also able to use regional settings and I can join the same conference from 4 different regions (North America, Europe, Middle East and Australia).

I now have a bothering issue and i’m not sure where to look into…

I can join at the same time, a conference, from all of my 4 regions. I can see the name of the participants, if they want to speak or to share something but the content is not shared the same.

Europe and North America are able to see / share / speak with each other while the camera, sound and statistics are blank from users in Australia and Middle East. At the same time, users from Australia and Middle East can see / share / speak with each other while the stuff from Europe and North America are also blank.

I’m using the MUC approach and I really don’t know where the issue could be. I mean, connectivity between NA and Europe + Australia and M East are perfect but why can’t they exchange between all of them ? I do have the same network settings, same approach… They are all joining the same conference, Jicofo is showing me the different regions and clients connecting but no media exchanged…

Any idea where I could look into please ?

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Just from the brief description i would say, that your octo is not working properly.

Could you verify, that users connected to EU and NA to different JVBs in both regions works amongst themselves? Ie. that users connected to JVB in EU region can talk to users connected to different JVB in NA region?
I would like to verify the possibility, that users using the very same bridge are ok, but users using different jvbs (regardless of region) are not ok. Than it would be bug in octo setup.
I also had similar problem getting octo to work and it was my mistake in octo setup.

Thanks for your reply.

I confirm that people connected to EU can speak to and see people connected to NA (NA to EU too).

I created another JVB in Asia, always using the same settings and I now have two kind of island, EU/NA and Asia/Australia/ME. I can join the same meeting but EU/NA will only be able to speak and see EU/NA and the three other regions can speak and see the others from the three regions.

I created again another JVB in Europe, stopped the current videobridge and EU joined the rest, only NA can’t see/speak to others…

There are only two files I can play with on my JVBs, config and sip, they all quite look alike, only MUC name are different. I’m not sure if I’m missing something. Also, I do have a mix of on premises and cloud, maybe I’m doing something wrong with my public/private ip addresses.

For OCTO, I’m always using the private ip for bindle and public for the public one, but since my on premises servers in EU and NA can exchange using their private ip, maybe something is wrong there… That’s my only guess…

For clarity, what do you mean by “see” other participants - does it mean that users can see each other in one room? If they can’t see each other in same room, see different occupants in different regions, than there is underlying misconfiguration in xmpp or regions. Do you have multiple prosody instances in your setup? Or did you setup shards for octo? Behaving like isolated islands might suggest something like that.

I only have one Jitsi Main Server and multiple JVBs.

If I join using all of my 5 regions, all attendees are in the same conference but now (With the new bridge in Europe) all of them can interact with each other (speak + webcam) and the North American “guy” is shown but without the ability to speak or show webcam.

I can see the name, if he is willing to speak or share stuff (Likely signaling from my main server) but media is broken. If I enable the JVB of my main server, NA and EU will work together while others would work together. Not sure I have been clear :confused:

From North America perspective

They can interract with Europe.

From Oceania perspective

They can interract with Asia and Middle East

Alright, I decided to reinstall my european and north american video bridges.

All is working fine now… I’ve read something about ownership of files causing issues but I have to say I was trying to understand more the OCTO thing. Looks like OCTO was alright but something was wrong on server side… :confused:

Thanks a lot for your time !

@FabienG how did you resolve this issue ?

What I am facing is, the participants end up in same video bridges.

Using OCTO ? Does it end up immediately ? May be firewall related