Octo JVB as internal/external bridge


I understand that the octo channels were introduced to face the problem of geographic regroupement of A/V streams.

I need something different and i think the OCTO channels could help me.

What I need is an internal and external bridge that are connected.
By internal i mean the people that use the videoconference internally (in private network where QoS and other is applied). And the external is for the people from internet. Doing like this, with the internal jvb available only from the LAN, will boost internal latency and i hope more other advantages. But this will not affect the people joining from the internet (allocated on the external JVB). And the internal and external JVB are connected with a defined well known traffic.

Can i somehow fake the geographical allocation of channels to allocate all internal videoconferences on the same internal bridge? Is this just information injected in config.js?


Yep, in general you can use the bridges like that. The regional thing is just what jvb reports and what clients report (through a config.js).
But in general one bridge will serve the same if you can place it in the same network as internal clients and just forward port 10000 udp from an external address to the bridge.

Ok damencho, this answers my question. Many thanks.