OCTO Issue over meet.jit.si

Hi Everyone,

I noticed that OCTO is not working over meet.jit.si, is there any issue with OCTO at the moment ?

Best Regards,
Mohamed Abada

Any update here ?

It is currently disabled. We encountered an issue last week, and till we investigate and see why there was a disruption we disabled it.

Yeah, it was mentioned on the last community call, but is there any specific details about the issue ?
Also is it affecting your meet.jit.si only or it is affecting OCTO use everywhere ?, because in our implementation we’re getting the same behavior now, where all users are landing into the same shard.

@damencho ?

The problem was that there was one region that was cut out from the rest.

Is there any Due Date for a fix ?
Can you explain why it is affecting our OCTO implementation ? as we’re experiencing the same behavior.

Wait, I don’t get it. Normally all people land on the same shard for signalling and just use the closest bridge.
If all your users use bridge from the same region as the shard this sounds more like a configuration problem.

The problem on meet.jit.si was that people that were on a bridge in any of the US regions could not hear or see people in the rest of the regions. Bridges were selected correctly, but there were islands of users that were seeing and hearing each other split on North America and the rest. Still not sure what was the problem we are doing investigation now. And will let you know.

has this been fixed ? I am experiencing similar problems and wondering if this problem still persists.

OCTO is still disabled on meet.jit.si as far as I know