OCTO: Do I need one prosody user for each bridge or is different MUC_NICKNAME enough?


I’m in the process of setting up OCTO. I wonder if it is enough to set a different MUC_NICKNAME for each jvb that joins and authenticates against prosody with the same user, or if I have to create single users using prosodyctl for each jvb that I want to add?

ATM, if I join multiple jvbs to prosody (using the same jvb auth over and over again), it is enough to change their nickname so that jicofo is able to use them without any problem. I see all my conferences being distributed evenly across all my running instances. But will this work for OCTO, too?


Yep, different nickname is enough and all reusing the same credentials.

@damencho Many thanks! Great news, that makes things a lot less complicated when adding / removing bridges :slight_smile:

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