OCTO cross-JVB bug?

Hi guys,

We’ve noticed an issue on OCTO when the first cross-JVB participant experiences poor download quality. However when the next participant joins after it fixes the poor quality download for the original cross-JVB participant. Like its not getting the selected endpoint event properly.

However, saying this we have been messing around with the selected endpoint events in our custom code. So may be something there causing a problem.

Anyway, do you have a standard jitsi UI URL with OCTO enabled at the moment that I can do a quick test on?


Ping @Boris_Grozev

Will do. thanks

Hehe, no need. The mention should be enough. He might be busy but he’ll get to it and he is the resident octo expert.

Somehow we ended up with two topics.

What version of jitsi-videobridge do you see the problem on? We recently fixed something with similar symptoms here: https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-media-transform/pull/180


Hi @Boris_Grozev

This is the version we’re using at the moment :

# dpkg -s jitsi-videobridge2 | grep Version 
Version: 2.1-41-g7e63c26-1 

Best Regards,
Mohamed Abada

Good news, we updated the JVB and appears to have solved the problem. thank you!!