OCTO Case: participants in one conference divided to two jvbs can not see another jvb's participant

JVB Version: JVB 0.1.1093
JIcofo with jvb1 on server1, jvb2 on server2

I have check the network connectivity between jvbs is good. and jicofo & jvb no exception log. browser log seems normal.

but jvb log show WARNING: [34] org.jitsi.xmpp.component.ComponentBase.verifyProcessingTime().540 PROCESSING TIME LIMIT EXCEEDED


I found this in the internet. In addition to what I said below, what else do I need to deal with?

from connection status UI, all three people connected to jvbs. and two people connect to one jvb can see each other, another peope connect to another jvb can only view himself.

@damencho Can you comment this?

I sovled my problem by use an new port .and set the public ip as the local ip.
according to https://gist.github.com/bgrozev/92b096db14cc980d7b734e156a8e6170