Octo Cascade Bridges Max Participants

Hello everyone,
I’ve been reading a lot about Jitsi capacity for big conferences. I saw one post where @damencho said if you have your own configuration and multiple bridges there’s no limitation to the amount of participants on a single conference.

Can anyone confirm what is the max amount of participants on a single conference you were able to achieve with OCTO and multiple bridges at the same region.

I have a potential meeting coming up of about 50 participants with 4 bridges. 2 with 4 core CPU and 8GB RAM and another 2 with 2 core CPU and 4GB ram.

Thanks for any help.

First, I assume you mean you want to put 50 people on each server (200 total), because if you only wanted 50 total, one server is all you need, as you clearly know from the quote in your original post.

Oh… you mean @damencho was wrong with that statement?

So does any of you have any concrete answer to my question of how many video/audio streams are possible with OCTO cascade bridges?

We’re expecting 50-100 people in total in one conference. I’m not worried about the server side load, since we have a few. My question is will the endpoints (chrome browsers // computers) will be able to handle a load of 50 participants in on conference.

Other than that I’d love to know what is the maximum amount of participants per conference that the Jitsi platform can support? considering unlimited number of video bridges is available.


Ahh, I thought you were talking about server-side capacity.

A simple way to remove your concern about the clients is to set lastN=X and pick a number that works for you and you can confirm with tests.

Yeah that will block video // audio streams for the N+ participants which is not what im interested in.
Do you have any idea what is the capacity of a conference with video // audio and unlimited number of bridges?

Or how can I test capacity? i cant get 200 computers from 200 different internet connections for this type of test. That’s why I’m asking here.

Appreciate your answers. thanks

Setting lastN to 25 will still fill up the person’s screen with videos and will not overwhelm the clients (as far as I know).

Even zoom has a limit – 50 at a time. So this approach may be more reasonable than you think.

We made our main video screen scrollable so it may have more than 25 participants on one page. Zoom divides the participants into different page but allow up to a 1000 for their corporate accounts.

Not fond of the lastN option cause I’d like to allow everyone to get everyone’s audio and video streams.