Octo Cascade Bridges - here's how! FULL GUIDE

@congthang This is amazing. I am gonna try it :slight_smile: I’ll update here as soon as it works for me :slight_smile:

Actually I think the only thing we actually did was to direct the clients to Jicofo. Then all was sorted out.

We have a new PR for the docker version #804

I just have stress test with OCTO here, if anyone need this:

Hi @rn1984
I did the Jitsi normal installation of a server. Then did the setup of two additional JVBs, two servers, and connected to the prosody.
Then I enabled OCTO.
I need to know is, in “RegionBasedBridgeSelectionStrategy”, if we enable OCTO according to this way, are we supposed to do this work by only using the AWS?
Another thing is, how does the JVB decide jitsi, according to how the participants should be connected?
Because in one article I saw that, it needs to define JVB’s region in Jitsi Meet’s config.js.
I need to know, how to do that dynamically also.

Hi @janpoo6427
Could you please let me know how you install GeoIP ?

You can either configure geo-routing with AWS or create your own proxy that will send you to the right server. I found many posts that used HA-Proxy to do that. In my mind AWS route53 delivers a quick easy way to implement.

Hi @rn1984
Thank you very much for your quick reply. Do you have any guide? then please let me know. Do you have an idea about GeoIP ?

geoip is provided by nginx by default.

so just i edited my nginx.conf

Thank you very much for your quick response. Do you have any guide?

Hello @rn1984, are you there ? I have some questions about regular octo installations…

Go ahead