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Share your Jicofo log from the last conference

Here are the logs for a conference with 1 moderator and 6 participants.
logsJicofo.txt (30.1 KB)

You have only two bridges ?

Yes, for the moment.

According to the log you sent the participants do split between two bridges. I’m guessing one of the is the one installed on the Jicofo server by default with Jitsi meet. The nickname is generic.

Search for “Selected Bridge” on the log

Yes a bridge is installed with the jitsi server and the other (jvb3) is installed separately on another server.
I can see that the participants are distributed over the two bridges. My problem is that the participants of bridge 1 do not see the participants of bridge 2 (picture attached).

Ah… that’s a FW issue. Remove all firewalls see if the problem goes away. If yes reconfigure properly

Thanks I’ll check it out. however SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy was working before the update to the latest version of Jitsi and I made no changes to the FW rules.