Octo and multiple signaling server

one things i don’t with octo is its usage with many signaling servers. In the following architecture:

where are jocofo and prosody? Do i have one global prosody and a jicofo server per region? Any hint is welcome :slight_smile:

according this other post i jicofo and prosody are shared across regions : Understanding OCTO

Which makes sense since you can’t point the videobridge to a different prosody.


From my experience, If we both navigate to url=domain.com/test but we connect to different prosody, we will not meet in the room. So my conclusion was the prosody should be only 1.

But there is a way we have multiple prosody using load balance. By referring to this doc: https://docs.nginx.com/nginx/admin-guide/load-balancer/http-load-balancer/, we can use hash $request_uri so the same uri will always go to the same upstream server. It will resolve the previous problem, because the same room name will go to the same prosody.

The downside is the load of the prosody maybe will not the same, it depend on the room name hashing.

Still concept tho, but I will definitely try that later…

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ok thanks