Observation - [UNSTABLE] "Kick out" shown, though disabled in config (v6514)

In unstable version 6514, “Kick out” is shown on participant thumbnails even though the option is set to false in config. It doesn’t actually kick out the participant when clicked, so it’s of no effect. This is in a deployment where everyone has moderator rights. Checked on alpha.jitsi.net and it works fine there so perhaps that version fixed it? But alpha also runs the latest unstable and only the host has moderator rights, which makes it different from my deployment, hence I can’t say for sure that this issue doesn’t persist into that version. I’m unable to test the latest unstable at the moment. Any thoughts?

FYI for anyone reading this: again, this is in UNSTABLE, so transient issues (and fixes) are not unusual. This behavior is not at all present in the Stable releases.

beta.meet.jit.si you can test, but I see kick works … haven’t played with disabling kick though.

Is that running the latest unstable?

Most of the times, yes :slight_smile:

LOL… ok, thanks