OBS studio video stream as input for Jitsi Meet video conferencing

Jitsi Meet video call can recognize usb webcams but can it take say live stream input from OBS studio (for example). I have an 360 camera and I can stream video from it either via RTSP or with HDMI video capture. I would like to chat with someone using the 360 camera.

Maybe you can create a virtual camera for Jitsi Meet to use where you can feed your RTSP stream or your HDMI video capture.

I’ve used OBS before to create a virtual camera and have it play a raw video file, so I know that can be done, I’m not sure how to actually hook up the RTSP stream; it should be possible tho.

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Hi, So how would one do as you suggest? We have the same issue, except that we’re using VMIX. We can select vMix Video as the video camera device, but when we do so, it just says, “Failed to access your camera - cannot use camera for an unknown reason.” This appears to have been an issue for quite some time.

Yes, this would be greatly appreciated here as well!!

Hi there, well since the new OBS NDI plugin is working, you can output to NDI your OBS and then use as input on Jitsi, that is it.

hi, how do you use NDI as input?

I use the OBS addon “Virtual cam”, which makes OBS’s output a single (optional up to 4) virtual camera. This virtual camera is then available in jitsi meet just like any real camera.
Works great.

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You have to instal obs NDI plugin, then on tools tab you have NDI option, you have to activate , the preview, or program as NDI, or both (once active you can t change your format settings until you deactivate this NDI output, both of them). You have to install NDI tools from Newtek a free app, then you open jitsi, and you can find on your camera options NDI as input, so select NDI and that is it. If you can not see your OBS, open NDI virtual input from NDI tools, you can select with left click your NDI source as virtual input. Fell free to ask.