OBS Studio Browser source & Jitsi

I am trying to stream a Jitsi room through OBS Studio and its browser source. However, none of the participants are showing up. This problem apparently only occurs on Windows, not when using OBS on macOS or Linux.

On the OBS forums, someone has suggested that the problem might have something to do with OBS browser source relying on an older version of Chrome Embedded Framework (OBS) that corresponds to Chrome version 75.

How can I verify what the issue is, and what could I do to enable Jitsi to work in this older version? Other WebRTC apps appear to be working correctly (for example BBB).

I would link to the OBS forum posts, but that triggers some spam warning here and hides my post.

I’ve enable the remote debugging in OBS and had a look at the console. (Launch OBS with --remote-debugging-port=9222 and go to localhost:9222 in Chrome).

The console says:

[features/base/connection] TypeError: Promise.allSettled is not a function

Is there a way to work around this in Jitsi?

I see that someone has already tried adding a polyfill: https://git.home.packden.us/decentralize/jitsi-meet/commit/a3a2ce387538130047060b1ab33493c4ed2ec8e5

You are getting this error with the latest jitsi-meet stable versions?

Yes, correct. You can check using https://meet.jit.si

Generally, we do not support such old chrome versions and other things maybe break in the future. And I do not have such an old version to test with. I took a note and we may look at it when time permits, thank you for the report.