OBS Intergration and In-App Sign-In Outdated + No Virtual Screen Upload

Me and a Friend are checking out Zoom Alternatives and exploring them. We find that there’s NO OBS Integration to allow for YouTube Productions. We do YouTube Productions and would like an OBS API Integration plus there’s no way of having Virtual Background Images for those who seek not to be LIVE on camera. I wish I coould share his screenshot of the Account Connection List. All of the options are outdated and most are not available anymore. Most people use Google Account, Facebook, or LinkdIn, or Twitter.
This was his reply to me in a DM: (He uses Windows)
Ok, here is the main issue so far with Jitsi… It is still using the Google Talk login function…not sure what any of the others are, but it seems a bit out dated. It says I have to have an account with one of those other services or the client is dead in the water… I can’t even create a meeting with it.
He does a lot of computer work and knows about things like Joomla and DSM and 5 other things. We are trying to look for something other than Zoom. It would be great if jitsi made these key changes and upgrades to allow for what I previously mention with regards to Virtual Backgrounds so that people can us Green Screens for YouTube Productions. You have a great platform.
(I use Linux Mint)
ONE THING for Linux Users is a Simple One Software Manager download. I noticed that there’s multiple other downloads. Everything needs to be all in One Package Delievery on Linux no mater what the Distro is. Plus, making certain that the Simple Account Coneection works properly and has Up to Date Connections that people use.
I have been using Linux for 3 years now.
I see no place where it gives the User instructions on how to make Integration with OBS Open Broadcaster Software. That needs to be addressed. We would gladly use your service and I know a bunch more people would too BUT those changes have to be made. Rule: Keep It Simple For Older People. That pays dividends in the end.
How do I go about having a traditional phone call with you all to go over this? Is there a Phone Number that I can call?