Numbers of users in a Jitsi meeting

I am using Jitsi Meet, and I am not sure what is the max number / max practical number of users in a meeting.
max number (hard limit)
I have seen the figure 75 in the forum. The Jitsi Meet home page says 50.
I have seen there is work going on to reach 100 users. Where do we stand ?
max number of users (practical limit)
I understand this limit depends upon the bandwidth of the connections, the capacity of the servers…
My main usage is for conference, with screen sharing
(.ppt presentation shared), micros and webcams closed (but for the presenter).
I have read that the Jitsi direct diffusion allows for a larger number of users. It is not clear to me what are the possibilites of this function. I understand it requires a YouTube channel with direct diffusion activated. Does it allow the same sort of functions as screen sharing (charts flipping by the presenter) ?
Thanks for your support.

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The current limit on is 50. Work is still being done to raise the limit to 100. It’s recommended that you keep your meeting size around 30-35 people for the most stable experience.

Yes, with Livestreaming, you can engage a larger number of people (they won’t be on Jitsi though). But with livestreaming, you can indeed share a presentation and everyone will see it.

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Where do you read it is 50 for It is 100 at the moment for :slight_smile:

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@damencho Ah, not what it says right there :smile:

See, I didn’t make it up, I promise. :rofl:

I know you are not making it up :slight_smile: but there are many sources and I don’t know which one is that … What is the address of the page, please?

Oooh, this is right there on the landing page -

Ups, I will check it, thanks

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well, while you are at it, this very page states that allow for ‘remotely control other participants desktop’: this was only true with the now invalidated feature in Electron client. And the recording ? it’s not listed in free features, has it been disabled in ? I still see people posting desperate requests about their lost recordings, so it must still be enabled. Well, trying it it’s still demanding my (non existent) Dropbox login.

Recording is not listed in the features, but it is still available, and listed in the possible functions once you have joined a reunion.
Yes it records in a Dropbox space. You can easily create a free Dropbox account, which offers 3GB of sharable storage, more than enough to record a reunion.

Its via electron app…