Number of viewers

Hi. I have a question about the number of viewers who can be on the stream at the same time.

Am I right to understand that in the free version there can be 100 people with cameras and microphones on at the same time? Does it mean that there can be 120 viewers, but only 100 can turn on their cameras?

And what are the conditions in the paid version.

Thank you.

There is no restriction on the numbers if you do a default installation.
Where do you read there is a 100 participants restriction?
We consider the maximum usable number is 500 in a meeting, but you need to make sure you have a powerful enough machine where the main components run and it is tuned up to support this.

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Looks like the landing page on has not been updated yet:

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Aha, but this is the confusing part this is which is a particular environment, which is setup in certain way … and configs, settings and restrictions there has nothing to do with jitsi-meet when you host it yourself.

Oh yeah, I know this, but it appears the OP is referring to “the free version” ( and the information on the landing page there still says there’s a 100-participant limit.