Number of users & conferences on a single Jicofo

Hi all,
Has anyone tested the limit of the max amount of users per one conference and the max amount of conferences on a single Jicofo instance with the latest Jitsi versions ?

Asking for a friend… Jk totally asking for myself :slightly_smiling_face:

We consider one conference usable with up to 500 participants. Jicofo has no problem running with more participants and many conferences, the limits come from prosody connecting all the clients.

Have you guys ever ran Prosody as a multi-thread process? Where a single machine run several nodes of prosody?

You need to implement that in jicofo first to be able to use multiple prosody instance and then in nginx to distribute the incoming conference calls.

Oh… Thanks for heads up. Is there any documentation you can point me at that shows how this process is done?

You need to implement it in jicofo, but it is not a trivial task.

And I have no idea how would that will be handled in nginx.

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