Number of muted on join

I’m testing the jitsi with jitsi-torture, and I only see 10 participants with video. Each next participant connects with the video and microphone muted. Yes, user can then turn on the microphone and video after join conference, but the jitsi-torture can’t.

I already changed the settings but it doesn’t help.
config.startVideoMuted = 20;
config.startAudioMuted = 20;
config.lastNLimits = {
5: 20,
25: 15,
50: 10,
70: 5,
90: 2

What other setting needs to be changed?

If you’re setting lasNLimits, then the system is doing exactly what you’re telling it to do.

Maybe I’m not interpreting the settings correctly. Do I understand correctly that the last limit now works like this?

config.lastNLimits = {

from 5 to 25 participants - 20 video streams.

It is 5 to 24 with a limit of 20.

Checkout the description and example in config.js

So, I’m right and limit is 20 now. Why do I only see 10 members with video and every next one connects with video muted?

So you see a ninja icon?

What bridge logs say for those with no video? Suspended due to bandwidth?