Number of initial processes (on startup)

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I’ve been googling for a while now, but seem to not use the correct search terms. So please bear with me if this was discussed already and point me to the according thread in this case.

I’m on a virtual server with a maximum number of 700 parallel processes (numproc). When starting up jistsi-meet, more than 150 processes are spawned (mostly by jicofo and jvb) without any active rooms. That eats up lots of the available number of processes without any active rooms at all. In combination with GitLab, I hit the limit. So I’m not able to run both services at the same time on the same host, so I’m looking for ways to reduce the number of processes of those two services, unless they actually require them during active usage.

Is there a config value to limit the initial number of processes and let jitsi-meet spawn additional processes only as they are needed? If there is, what would a reasonable number be? I usually host no more than 3 rooms with less than 10 people per room, so requirements are rather low.

I know this sort of process / thread handling from other services like Apache, etc. I guess jitsi-meet actually does the same, but just shoots off with an enormous number of processes right from the start.

Thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

No hints anyone?

Nope, this is how jicofo and jvb work. You need to re-write both and change how they work, but I suppose you are not looking of doing that. So no idea other than change that limitation.

Okay, that’s definitely out of scope :smiley:
Thanks anyways :+1: