Number of CPUs or vCPUs

I have a docker jitsi-meet platform running on one server and I would like to know what is the best suggested number of CPUs we should use, is it 2, 4, more?
Also, I was wondering if you noted a big difference while using vCPU versus CPU instead?
Thank you!!

From what I have read from the forums and gathered from the tutorial videos. If you are using a VPS the cpu and ram need to be dedicated to that VPS so vCPU is not an option.

Thank you for your feedback. So far I have been using vCPU and it worked fine. I was trying to understand if swithcing to true CPU would make a big difference.

VCPU will work for the Jitsi-meet server itself but if you want or need Jibri you need dedicated non-shared resources. I have learned this the hard way.

Ho okay, this is very good to know then. So far I dont have recording or streaming needs but Thank you for the info!!